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If you'd like more help raising money this year, then
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Raise More.
A roadmap for the overwhelmed fundraiser.

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Save $1000 - Ends April 1st. 

Do you have a process for raising more money?

Would you like a proven, predictable process for raising more money over the next twelve months?

Watch the video below for a quick introduction to the "Raise More" 12 month program.

Here's what we have for you.

Over the next 12 months, Steven Screen and Chris Davenport will help you set up the best fundraising processes so you can bring in the most money.  

Our goal is to get you raising a lot more money with less effort.

Part of raising more money with less work is creating what we call "Fundraising Assets".  These are appeals, communication pieces, and processes that you create once, and then use again and again with little or no changes.  Fundraising assets can help you attract new donors and generate more donations on autopilot - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Steven will walk you through how to create fundraising assets that are proven to generate more revenue with little to no extra effort on your part.

Raise money each month.

You'll be raising more money the very first month of the program.

Every month, you'll get a module called "Raise More Money Now".

This module is where Steven takes you through a case study of how a nonprofit organization raised more money.  He will share the proven strategies and tactics so that you can generate more donations each month.  

These are strategies and tactics you can use again and again.  Imagine how much easier raising more money will be when you have 12 months of reliable strategies and tactics you can use anytime you need to raise money.  

All by itself, the "Raise More Money Now" module is worth the price of the whole "Raise More" program.

Long term thinking with short gains.

The organizations that are raising the most money year after year are the ones that plan for the long term.  They set up processes that help them succeed in the future as well as in the short term.

If you find yourself scrambling to raise money each year, that's because you don't have the long term processes in place.

In the "Raise More" program, you'll get systems and processes for long term success.  These are the same processes that will also help you raise more money in the short term.  And with these processes in place, fundraising in future years will be easier.

Your success depends on having
the right processes in place.

Without the right processes in place, you create extra work for yourself and you lower the amount of revenue you bring in.

During the "Raise More" program, you'll learn how to set up successful processes that will help you  in the following areas:

  • Major Giving
  • Donor Acquisition
  • Offer Development
  • Direct Response
  • Audience Segmentation 
  • Donor Stewardship
  • Reporting Back to Donors

You'll get personalized help.

Each month you can send us your appeals, offers, thank you letters, reports to donors ...whatever you are working on.

Each month Steven will do a live session where he reviews materials sent in, and shows you how they could be improved.  These sessions will be recorded so you can view them multiple times.

Help and inspiration
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to the asset building sessions, the "Raise More Money Now" sessions, and the live video sessions, you'll also have access to an online library of Steven and Chris Davenport's best videos and tools for raising more money.

This library of tools and videos will continually grow during the year.  You'll be able to share these videos and tools with your staff and board members.

The price.

Here's what the "Raise More" 12 month program costs. 

When you sign up for the full year, the price will normally be $3970.  However, if you sign up before we officially launch the "Raise More" program on April 1st, 2019 you can save $1000.

There's also a monthly option. Normally $397, but sign up before April 1st and you'll only pay $297 a month.

Fast Acting Bonus.

Because the "Raise More" 12 month program doesn't officially launch until April 1st, Steven will give you extra personalized help during the month of March.

Each week Steven will host a live session where he will take your questions, and review your materials.  Steven normally charges $500 to review one appeal letter.  So take advantage of this Fast Acting Bonus and have your appeal letter, newsletter, donor report, or thank you letter reviewed this month.  You'll be getting a real $500 value for FREE.

Here's what to do next.

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Pay for the full year and you'll save $1000

Pay monthly and save yourself $100 a month.  Cancel at anytime.

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Normally $397/mo - Save $100/mo




  • Raise More Money Now sessions
  • Asset Building Sessions
  • Live Q&A + Review Sessions
  • Fundraising Reviews on Video
  • 24/7 Library of Videos and Tools
  • Review of your Fundraising Materials