Offer Webinar – Work Less – Raise More

Steven Screen showing people how to raise more money during a Live Session webinar.

How to create an offer that makes donors want to give to you.

When asking donors to make a gift, do you make this common mistake?

Most organizations focus on the wrong thing when asking for a gift.  They make the mistake of telling donors about what the organization does.  Then they expect the donor (or potential donor) to make a gift because of the good work the organization is doing.

This is the wrong approach.

It's true that you will raise money with this approach.  However, much more money can be raised with a different approach.

Let me explain.

The #1 thing to increase donations immediately

It's called the offer.

The offer is the part of your fundraising appeal where you ask the donor to make a donation.

Most organizations have poor offers (if they even have one).  A poor offer brings in little to no money.  But a great offer can bring in buckets of money.

A great offer works like magic.

Get your offer right, and you'll start raising more money immediately.  And you don't need more donors to do it.  With a better offer, you can raise a lot more money from the donors you already have.

Your most important skill (as a fundraiser)

Up until now, creating great offers have been an elusive skill for most people.  Even many of the fundraising experts can't truly explain how to create a great offer.  

But if you want to raise money, then being able to create offers that motivate donors to give is the most important skill you can have.

Would you like to be able to create a fundraising offer that you can use any time of the year to bring in more donations immediately?

If so, then join Steven Screen and Christopher Davenport on a brand new webinar - it's actually an online workshop. 

Steven and Chris have created a process that simplifies producing great offers.  With this offer creation process, you'll be able to write an offer that brings in more money immediately.  Steven has been using it to generate huge revenue gains for his clients.

If you're interested in raising more money immediately, then grab a copy of this recorded webinar.  Click the button below.

Not your average webinar

This is not a "regular" webinar.

Instead of a webinar full of static boring slides, this webinar will be more active.  It's more of an online workshop.  You'll feel like you're in the room with Steven where you can ask Steven questions in real time.

It's full of practical, step-by-step instruction.  There is no fluff and "puff speak" in this webinar.  

Watch and Re-Watch the Webinar Recording

This webinar is recorded.  

You can watch this webinar again and again.  Watch the webinar on your own time and watch it with your staff.

The recording of the webinar is available for you to watch immediately after purchasing it.  You'll be sent a link to watch it.

Here's what to do next.

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