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A New Way to Make Your
Donors Feel Great About Giving

(that also gets donors to give again)

With a unique new way of training, Steven Screen will show you how to write a "Donor Reporting Letter" ... and with Steven's help, you'll be able to write this letter in 60 minutes.

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Keeps Your Donors from Leaving Your Organization and Keeps Them Giving More 

A donor reporting letter is a super easy way to show your donors how much they matter to your organization.  And when donors feel appreciated and know their previous gifts made a real difference, donors are more likely to give you another gift.

What You and I will Accomplish Together

You and I will write a "Donor Reporting Letter" along with the "No Ask" Reply Card.  

This Donor Reporting Letter will help you keep more of your donors, and it will also help you raise money immediately ... and with my help it will only take you about 60 minutes to have the Donor Reporting Letter, the "No Ask" Reply Card, and the Envelope Teaser completely written and ready to send.

Knowing What to Tell Donors is KEY

You need to connect with donors.  And you do that by talking to your donors about what they care about most.

So as you start off this training, you'll learn what the main messages are going to be for your letter, and in what order you should arrange your messages.

The right messages, in the right order will make your donors feel great about the work your organization is doing ... and cause more of your donors to give again.

Show Your Donors the Impact Their Previous Gifts Made

Your letter will tell your donors how meaningful their gifts were to one of your beneficiaries (a person or thing you help).

You'll do this through telling a powerful story.

Picking and writing the best story is normally hard for people to do.  But have no fear. I've made it super simple for you to pick and write your story (even if you don’t think you have a story to tell).

I’ve created a foolproof storytelling picking and writing process for you.  

And by the way, this storytelling process can also be used to find and tell stories for your events and your appeal letters. 

"No Ask" Reply Cards Raise Money Like Magic

The big rule is to NEVER ASK your donors for another gift when you are reporting back to them on what their previous gift did.

And here's where the "No Ask" Reply Card becomes invaluable.

When donors read your donor reporting letter, they are going to feel wonderful about what their last gift did.  And because they feel wonderful about their last gift, some of the donors who read your donor reporting letter will want to make another gift. 

A properly written “No Ask” reply card has the amazing ability to turn your donor’s INTENT of giving another gift, into the ACTION of giving you another gift.

I'm going to show you what you need to say on your reply card and how to say it.  You'll get my "No Ask" Reply Card template so you don't have to design your reply card from scratch..

I'm confident it will help you raise more money.

Design to Get More Donors to Read More of Your Letter

There's a whole science to designing your Donor Reporting Letter ... so that more people read more of your letter.

How your letter looks, what types of photos you use, what type of font you use, the size of your margins, and what words you emphasize matter a lot.  Even the color of your font can increase or decrease donations.

That's why you are going to learn the design principles of the professionals.  These principles will get more of your donors to read more of your letter ... and because more people read more of your letter, more people will give.

Getting Your Envelope Opened 

If nobody opens your envelope, nobody will read your letter.  So I'm going to help you design an envelope that has the best chance of getting opened.

I'll teach you about what to write on the outside of your envelope so more people will open your envelope, so that more people will read your letter ... so you'll raise the most money.

Sending Your Letter to the Right People

Once you have your Donor Reporting Letter written, you'll need to send it to the right people.

I'm going to show you who to send your letter to so that you don't waste money on postage, and so that you have the best shot at raising more money.

How You Will Learn

I’m going to teach you to write a Donor Reporting Letter by DEMONSTRATION.

Through a series of short videos, I will walk you through writing your letter -- sentence by sentence.  Each video will have you do one simple task that helps get your letter written.  As you watch each video, and do each simple step, you'll be amazed at how easy and fast it is to write a Donor Reporting Letter.

And as you write your letter, I'll also be writing a letter at the same time.  You’ll literally watch me write and design a letter that reports back to donors and also gets more donations.  It’s like we’ll be sitting side by side working on every sentence of your letter together.

I’ll show you everything you need to know.  Including what to focus your letter on, whether to use a picture or not, who to send your letter to … everything.

At the end of this training you’ll have a Donor Reporting Letter completely written, a powerful "No Ask" reply card, and an envelope that more people will open.

Important Disclosure

It’s impossible for me to make a prediction of how much your letter will raise because I don’t know your nonprofit or your fundraising process.

But, what I can promise you without hesitation is you’ll have a great learning experience as I show and teach you how to write and design a Donor Reporting Letter that will keep your donors around longer, and bring in more donations.

The skillset I’m going to teach you is something you can never UN-LEARN.

And learning how to write a powerful letter is something that every nonprofit on the planet wants: The ability to send letters that make donors happy and raise more money.

The skills you learn here CANNOT be taken away from you.  You will have this knowledge forever.

Start Date and Schedule for this Training

Once you sign up for this training, you'll have immediate access to all the videos and templates. So you can get started right away.

And because you could be completely finished with your Donor Reporting Letter, "No Ask" Reply Card, and Envelope in about an hour, you could start reporting back to your donors and raising money right away. 

There has never been a faster way to write a letter that reports back to donors on what their previous gift accomplished, and at the same time also raises more money.  And you can have a "Donor Reporting Letter" completely written and ready to send out in about 60 minutes.  

The Cost

This "Donor Reporting Letter" training is part of the Work Less Raise More membership and is only $40 a month.  You can cancel it at anytime.  Or if you want to get two months free, sign up for the whole year for only $399.

This is a tiny investment for showing you exactly how to write and design a letter that tells the donor how meaningful their previous gift was and raises money at the same time.

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You'll Also Get...

Because this "Donor Reporting Letter" training is part of a membership, you'll also get lots more training when you become a Work Less Raise More member.

Here are some of the other trainings you'll get:

  • How to Write a "Timely Appeal" in 30 Minutes
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  • LIVE Weekly Q&A sessions with Steven Screen

The Fastest and Most Effective Fundraising Training You've Ever Seen - Guaranteed 

If you don't feel like this training makes it easy to write a "Donor Reporting Letter", and if your  letter doesn't raise more money, then please ask for a full refund.

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