7 Tips for Reporting back to Donors during a Crisis – Work Less – Raise More

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How do you keep your donors engaged and giving to you through this Coronavirus crisis?

You need to report to your donors.  

Tell your donors how their gifts made a difference in the last few weeks. It's easier than you think to report back to your donors. This BRAND NEW video shows you how.

In the video, "7 Tips for Reporting in a Crisis", Steven Screen walks you through what to do so that your donors will stay with you and keep giving to you through this crisis.  

No fancy design or software needed. You can report back to donors in your pajamas if you are stuck at home sheltering in place. 🙂

You'll also learn a 7 step outline you can use to create your donor report.  

Along with the outline, you'll also get an email template you can use to write your report.  Steven walks you through the outline and the template.

You'll also get a 7 step plan for sending out your report to donors.  Steven walks you through the plan to create a "week of reporting".  You'll learn what days to send your report out, and at what time of day.

To watch the 30 minute video, you'll need to purchase it.  It's only $7.

For 7 dollars you'll get:

  • 7 Tips for Reporting to Donors in a Crisis
  • 7 Step Outline for Writing a Donor Report
  • An Email Template 
  • 7 Step Plan for Sending out Your Report and Creating a "Week of Reporting".

Don't lose your donors during this Coronavirus crisis.  Get this video so you'll know exactly how to report back to them.

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