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Easier Faster Appeals
You'll raise more money

It's easier than ever to write an effective fundraising appeal.

With a unique new way of training, Steven Screen will show you how to write a fundraising appeal that's guaranteed to raise you more money than your current appeals ... and with Steven's help, you'll be able to write your appeal in 30 minutes.

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Gets You New Donors, More Donations, and Reactivates Lapsed Donors

Steven helps you write a "Timely Appeal" and the "email chaser" that goes with it.  With these, you'll be able to raise more money at any time of the year!

You could have a complete fundraising package written and ready to send out in the next hour

From start to finish, it will only take you about 60 minutes to have the complete fundraising package written and ready to send.  Your fundraising package will include the six elements below:

The Fastest and Most Effective Appeal You've Ever Written

You want your appeals to raise the most money possible.  So you need to know what ingredients go into the best performing appeals.

You and I are going to write an appeal based on the proven "Golden Appeal" method.  I'll show you what ingredients to put in your appeal and how to write it.

As I show you what to write, I'll be writing an appeal along side you.  This way you'll see what I'm teaching you put into practice in real time.

Donors Give More With These Reply Cards 

There's a real science behind the reply cards that work the best ... and you're going to learn it so you'll be able to raise even more money.

I'm going to show you what you need to say on your reply card and how to say it.  What you say on your reply card is critical if you want to raise the most money. Well written reply cards are proven to get more donors to give, and to increase gift size.

The design of your reply card is also vitally important.  And I've done the design work for you (so you don't have to be a great designer).

You'll get my "Give More" Reply Card template.

This reply card template has proven to get more donors to give and to increase the size of donations.  And I'm confident it will help you raise more money.

Ask Your Donors to Give the Right Amount

Asking a donor for the wrong amount makes a donor give less, or not give at all. You want to make sure you ask donors for the right amount.  

And there's an easy way to ask for the right amount.

You're going to learn how to automatically pinpoint the exact amount to ask your donors to donate.  And you're going to learn a simple way that's proven to get donors to increase the size of their gifts.

Design to Get More Donors to Read More of Your Letter

There's a whole science to designing your letter so that more people read it, and more of your letter gets read.

How your appeal letter looks, what types of photos you use (if any at all), what type of font you use, the size of your margins, and what words you emphasize matter a lot.  Even the color of your font can increase or decrease how much of your letter gets read.

That's why you are going to learn the design principles of the professionals.  These principles will get more of your donors to read more of your letter ... and because more people read more of your letter, more people will give.

Getting Your Envelope Opened 

If nobody opens your envelope, nobody will read your appeal.  So I'm going to help you design an envelope that has the best chance of getting opened.

I'll teach you what to write on the outside of your envelope so more people will open your envelope.  Because when more people will read your letter, more people will make a donation.

Sending Your Appeal and Chaser Emails to the Right People

Once you have your appeal and chaser emails written, you'll need to send them to the right people.

I'm going to show you who to send your appeals to so that you don't waste money on postage, and so that your average gift size increases.

How You Will Learn

You've never seen training like this.

Through a series of short videos, I'll walk you through writing your appeal -- sentence by sentence.  

Each video will have you do one simple task that helps get each paragraph of your letter written.  As you watch each video, and do each simple step, you'll be amazed at how easy and fast it is to write an effective appeal.

And as you write your letter, I'll also be writing an appeal letter at the same time.  You’ll literally watch me write and design a letter that gets more donations and reactivates lapsed donors.  It’s like we’ll be sitting side by side working on every sentence of your appeal together.

I’ll show you everything you need to know.  Including what to focus your letter on, whether to use a picture or not, who to send your letter to … everything.

At the end of this training you’ll have an appeal letter completely written, a powerful reply card written and designed, an envelope designed that more people will open, plus the email chaser to go along with the printed appeal letter so you can raise even more money and find new donors.

Start raising more money this afternoon!

Once you sign up for this training, you'll have immediate access to all the videos and templates. So you can get started right away.

Never has there been an easier and faster way to write an appeal that raises a lot of money.  You can have a "Timely Appeal" written in about 30 minutes.  And the reply card, envelope, design, and email chaser will take you about another 30 minutes to complete.

And because you could be completely finished with your appeal, reply card, envelope, and email chaser in about 60 minutes, you could start raising money right away.  If you send out the email chaser in the next hour or so, you could be raising money as fast as this afternoon!

The Cost

The "Timely Appeal" training is $399.

This is a tiny investment for showing you exactly how to write and design an appeal that gets you new donors, reactivates lapsed donors, and brings in new donations from your current donors.  

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This is the Easiest, Fastest and Most Effective Fundraising Training You've Ever Seen - Guaranteed 

If this training doesn't make you much faster at writing appeal letters, or if your appeal letter doesn't raise more money than your current appeal letters, then we'll give you a FULL REFUND.

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