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You can relax now.

You are about to discover a new way to work.

You are going to learn how to raise more money with less work.  

This seems counter intuitive, right?

If you're open to a better way of thinking about how to raise money, you will be rewarded with: 

  • more money raised,
  • predictable yearly revenue
  • more clarity on what to focus your time on
  • less stress & drama at work 
  • more joy in your job.

A quick story...

In the story below, you're going to learn the secret behind how it's possible to work less, while raising more money.  In fact, you're going to see how working more actually decreases your fundraising revenue.  I know it sounds crazy that working more would decrease your revenue.  But it's true.

Read the story below.

Five years ago, Christopher Davenport and Steven Screen, the "Work Less Raise More" guys, were each working long hours helping organizations raise more money.

The demands on their time seemed overwhelming.

The overwhelm turned into stress and burn out at work.  The never ending demands and seemingly endless tasks caused friction at work and at home.  Both Chris and Steven said "There's got to be a better, healthier way to work." 

A different way is discovered.

Here's the interesting part.

Both Chris and Steven both stepped back and took a look at the larger picture.  And what they saw were clear steps to how they could work less and raise more.  

You see, when they were in the thick of things trying to raise money, they got caught up in all the seemingly important details and tasks. But when they took time to get a different perspective, they discovered that a lot of their efforts were wasted on details and tasks that weren't as important as they had thought. 

The 80/20 Rule is alive and well.

As it turns out...

Chris and Steven discovered that 20% of their efforts resulted in 80% of the revenue they brought in.  That meant that if they could keep the majority of their focus on the 20% of the work that brought in the most money, they could raise a lot more with less effort.

They were right.

And here's a big side benefit they found.

By working less, not only did they raise more money, but their stress and overwhelm went down significantly.  They were now able to relax more with their co-workers, friends and families.

It's Your turn.

Stop making fundraising difficult.

Over the past five years, Chris and Steven have been perfecting their process for how to work less and raise more.  If you're ready to think differently - If you're ready to work less and raise more - then sign up below to receive free videos and information on how you can work less and raise more.

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