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Want to have your next fundraising appeal written 30 minutes from now?

If you have 30 minutes, you can have a BLOCKBUSTER fundraising letter written.
That’s right.  All you need is 30 minutes.  
The best performing appeals follow a recipe.  They have the right ingredients in the right order.  
You can have your Golden Appeal written in 30 minutes because of a new writing process we’ve developed.  This process makes writing an appeal simpler and much faster… and much more powerful.  The result is an appeal that’s proven to raise more money from more donors.

From $3,000 to $86,000

One fundraiser used this new way of writing and went from raising $3,000 with her appeal letter to raising over $86,000.  Can you imagine how she felt?  She couldn’t stop smiling.  Another organization followed the recipe for a Golden Appeal and went from 3 gifts (seriously, they only got 3!) to 117. This new way of writing was revolutionary for them.

This new way of writing an appeal letter can be revolutionary for you, too.

  • You’ll never start with a blank page again 
  • You’ll know exactly what to say to inspire your donor to make a gift
  • You’ll know how to ask a donor to make a donation so that the donor feels great about making a gift

After you learn this new way of writing, you will have an appeal letter with the right ideas, in the right order.  Done and fully baked in 30 minutes.

Don’t leave money on the table

Writing your Golden Appeal is only half the battle. Because if it’s in an envelope that doesn’t get opened, your letter will not be read and you won't get a gift.

So we’ve created a handful of templates to help you have the most powerful appeal as possible. In addition to training on the new way of writing an effective Golden Appeal, you’ll also get:

  • An envelope template that is proven to get more donors to open it
  • A reply card template designed with custom ask amounts for each of your donors

If you just send out your written Golden Appeal, you’re missing out on even more donations.  You should be following up your appeal letter with chaser emails.

And we have you covered there too.

We’ll help you write the strongest emails you’ve ever written, so you can raise even more money with your Golden Appeal. 

There’s never a bad time of year to be asking

Your donors want to give you a gift. 

If you’ve got an urgent need to fund no matter the time of year, you can have a Timely Golden Appeal done in 30 minutes. We'll show you how.

If it’s the end of the year, you can have a Year End Golden Appeal done in 30 minutes.  We'll show you how.

These trainings are simple, straightforward, and super effective.  Your donors will love the Golden Appeal you send them.  And you’re going to love the money that comes in.

It’s time for you to get started.  If you’re ready to have your Golden Appeal letter written and on your desk in 30 minutes, sign up below to become a Work Less Raise More+ member.

For $40 you can have:

  • your Golden Appeal letter done
  • your envelope done
  • your reply card done
  • your chaser emails done 
  • and many more trainings (scroll down)

$40 a month is our introductory price. It’s going to cost more as we add more training modules. And canceling is as easy as going to your account page and clicking the "cancel my subscription" button. Easy!

Choose to pay monthly, or get two months free when you sign up for the year.

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  •  Chaser Emails for Your Golden Appeal
  • Year-End Appeal & Emails
  • Creating Your Annual Plan
  • Major Donor Training
  • Major Donor Magic Formula™
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