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Reset Your Fundraising 

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Here's what we have for you:

A FREE 4 week course that's going to have you raising more money quickly.  In fact, on day #5 you'll raise some extra money with our help. 

We've made it ultra simple for you by focusing the course on the four main areas that will bring in the most money for you.

  • WEEK 1 - You'll learn how to ASK better
  • WEEK 2 - You'll learn how to THANK better 
  • WEEK 3 - You'll learn how to REPORT back to donors better
  • WEEK 4 - You'll learn how to REPEAT what's working well so that you can work less and raise more.  You'll also learn some POWERFUL WAYS TO THINK about your fundraising that will have you raising more money in a short amount of time.

The course is made up of 20 short videos, most are less than 7 minutes long.  You'll also get some easy to fill out worksheets that will help you diagnose and improve your appeals and thank you letters.  

Watch the videos on 
your own time schedule.  

This course is designed to give you a solid foundation for raising more money this year.

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