Fundraising Reset: Week 3 Day 3 – Work Less – Raise More

Fundraising Reset

Week 3 - Day 3

In today's lesson, Steven goes deeper into the 5 things your report to donors should include.

Please watch this video, and then do the homework listed below the video.


Take one of your reports and revise it - making sure it includes all the elements Steven talks about in the video.  You will be sending the report out as an email in two days from now.  

Don't worry about formatting your report.  Steven will show you how your report should look in tomorrow's video.


Steven will take you through a "Before & After" of an email report to donors.  Watch tomorrow's video for any last minute ideas that you can use in your reports to your donors. 


If you have a question for Steven, please ask it in the comment box at the bottom of the page.  Thanks.

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