Fundraising Reset: Week 3 Day 2 – Work Less – Raise More

Fundraising Reset

Week 3 - Day 2

In today's lesson, Steven goes deeper into what to look for in your reports.  He walks you through a report (newsletter) so you'll know how to fill out the worksheet.

If you haven't already downloaded the "Evaluate Your Reports" worksheet, you can do so here:  Click here

Please watch this video, and then do the homework listed below the video.


Quickly look at your reports (your newsletters, e-news, letters from your E.D., and your annual reports) and fill out the "Evaluate Your Reports" worksheet.


Steven will go deeper into how to craft a compelling report that will better engage your donors.


If you have a question for Steven, please ask it in the comment box at the bottom of the page.  Thanks.

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