Fundraising Reset: Week 2 Day 5 – Work Less – Raise More

Fundraising Reset

Week 2 - Day 5

Steven will tell you what to do next with all of your "Thank You" letters.  You'll also learn about the two big benefits from sending out great thank you letters.

Watch today's video below.


Congrats on sending out your "Thank You" email today.  No homework for you.  🙂

Next Week:

Steven is going to show you how to report back to donors on what their gift did.  This is one of the questions we get asked the most - "How do I report back to donors?"

Next week, Steven will walk you through how to report back to donors in a way that makes your organization stand out in the donor's mind.

You're going to love next week.


If you have a question for Steven, please ask it in the comment box at the bottom of the page.  Thanks.

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