Fundraising Reset: Live Session – Work Less – Raise More

Fundraising Reset


When Steven and I, Chris Davenport, launched the Fundraising Reset course, we did a live session at the end of week 2.  

Some of the people going through the Fundraising Reset course wanted to know more about how to write an appeal from scratch.  So in the first part of the recorded session below, Steven walks people through how to think about and write an appeal. He then answers some questions from viewers.

In the second half of the session (starting at about 35 minutes into the session), Steven reviews some of the appeals that people sent in that week.  You'll learn a whole lot about what makes a good appeal as you watch Steven critique the appeals "live".

Steven also mentions a white paper he wrote on asking for undesignated funds.  You can download his white paper by CLICKING HERE.

NOTE: We had two laptops for the session.  There was a mix up at the start of the session where you'll see Steven talking to the secondary laptop.  Please excuse our tech glitch.  Thanks 🙂

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