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If there was an easy button for fundraising, you just found it

30 minutes from right now you can have a 
powerful year-end appeal letter completely written 

You might ask, “How can I write a powerful year end appeal in 30 minutes?”  

You can do it in 30 minutes because Steven has already written the first draft for you.

When you sign up for the "Work Less Raise More Monthly" membership, you’ll get access to a special year-end appeal letter that Steven Screen created for you - just for 2020 – this year of the coronavirus.

Because it’s going to be a competitive fundraising environment this year-end.  Your letter has to be great to stand out.  

Training that's Revolutionary

After you complete most year-end appeal trainings or seminars, you still face a blank sheet of paper.  You still have to figure out how to make it work for your organization.

This is much better than that.  When you finish this training, you’re finished with your year-end appeal letter.  

As in, it’s completely written.  No blank page staring at you, daring you to figure it out.

30 minutes and you’re done.

Step By Easy Step

Direct mail expert Steven Screen will walk you through every step.  Short videos make each step easy; from the first sentence to the P.S.  It’s like Steven is sitting next to you, helping you write your appeal.  

Each easy step gives you a sense of accomplishment.  You’ll love knowing you’re on the right path to an effective appeal.  And you’ll be done before you know it.

Here's what an executive director told me last week:

“I’ve never written an appeal before, and was very nervous to write it.  I didn’t feel like I could do it.  But this training is so easy to follow.  It’s inspiring.  It’s clear and instructive, and I feel really empowered.  It’s not overwhelming, it’s so user-friendly.  It’s simple.  I feel honored to have such expertise shared with me.”

 The right ideas.  In the right order.

In your appeal letter, having the right ideas in the right order is everything.

It’s the difference between an appeal that does ok . . . and a record-breaking appeal that also reactivates lapsed donors and  brings in new donors.

As you write your letter, you’ll learn what the important ideas are.  And you’ll learn the order they go in.  

All in just 30 minutes. 

And if you want to go even deeper – to really dig in to write the best appeal you can write this year – well, then you’re the type of person for whom we created . . . 

The Gold Version 

If your year-end appeal is more important than ever this year, you’ll want to go through the Gold Version of this training.

You’ll learn all the questions to ask yourself before you start writing.  You’ll go deeper, learn what else you can add to your appeal to make it raise more money.  And what to leave out of your appeal to make it raise even more money.

Go through the Gold Version and you’ll be better at writing ALL your appeals.  Because you’ll know the right ideas and the order to use them.  And you’ll know how to find and include more of the “reasons to give today” that cause appeals to motivate and inspire donors to take action!

FREE Reply Card Template proven to
bring in more donations 

The Reply Card is where a lot of organizations “walk past a dime to pick up a nickel.” 

Your reply card is where all the intent and momentum your letter has built up either turns into a gift . . . or drops into the recycling bin. (This reply card template will help you get more gifts)

Steven will walk you through, step by step, each element you need for your reply card.  And show you exactly what to say to make a perfect reply card for your 2020 year-end appeal letter.

A good reply card is proven to help you raise more money – and it’s easy to make one.  You don’t want to miss this video.

Design, Too

The design of your appeal letter matters.

You want to avoid the dreaded “wall of text with a happy photo.”  You want to avoid the “unreadable grab bag.”

Steven walks you through how to design your letter, what typefaces to use, how to make your letter more readable for older (i.e., valuable) donors, and an easy way to make your letter feel like the holidays (because if your letter feels timeless, you’re raising less money than you could).

Because you'll learn how to design your appeal to be read, more people will read it.  And because more more people will read it, more people will donate.  Good design is an easy way to generate more donations from the people you are already sending your appeal letter to. 

Exactly Who To Send Your Letter To

Steven also shares with you exactly who to send your letter to.  When you follow his advice you’ll save money, have a higher ROI, and reactive lapsed donors.


To test this training, we had voluteers and Board members take it.  

People who had never written an appeal in their life.

And they wrote some POWERFUL appeals!

A Volunteer said, “This was so easy.  I was done in 22 minutes.”
A V.P. of Fundraising said, “I finished in 19 minutes.  It would have been faster but I was in a Zoom meeting.”

The 30-minute version makes it so easy to write an effective year-end appeal.  So if you don’t have time – are juggling too many things during a crazy year and just need to get a great letter out the door – the 30-minute version is for you.

And if you want to go a little deeper – you’ve got a little more time – go through the Gold Version of the training.  This will take less time than most people’s normal appeal-writing process and you’ll end up with a year-end appeal that will raise more money.

Both the 30-minute version and the Gold version are included when you sign up.

The “Get My Boss To Approve It” Videos

We get it.  Not all E.D.’s, program staff or Board Members are on board with effective appeal letters. 

So we filmed five "fundraising principles" videos that explain successful appeals to your Boss.  They’ll help your Boss or Board understand the ins and outs of fundraising with appeals.  They’ll see why successful year-end appeals (and all appeals) need to be wriiten a certain way to raise the most money.  

They’ll see how you’re not just creating fundraising that you like – you’re creating fundraising that donors like - giving your organization its best chance at raising more money.

Have your Boss watch these videos and you’ll have a much better chance at getting your good work approved.  

And Coming Soon . . .

 "Work Less Raise More Monthly" is launching with exactly what you need right now; help for your year-end appeal letter.

In addition to the year end appeal training...

We’ll be adding multiple modules in the coming months.  Those include:

  • Year-end emails
  • Creating an Annual Plan for 2021
  • "My First Gift" campaign to aquire new donors
  • Donor Newsletters That Raise Money
  • Major Donor Management systems
  • And more . . .

Each will be this ‘new kind of training’ where when you’re done with the training, you’re done. 

If there was an easy button for fundraising, you just found it.

 Yeah but how much does it cost?

This does not cost the $1,000+ it costs to have Steven write your year-end letter.

It doesn’t even cost the $99 that some year-end training webinars cost (the kind that finish with you staring at a blank document trying to figure out how to apply it to your organization this year).

The cost is just $40 per month.

$40.  One month.  

Why monthly?  

Because over the next few months you'll get much more fundraising help. You'll get the Year-End Emails training.  And after that you’ll get the 2021 Annual Plan Module, "My First Gift" campaign, a Major Donor system and much more.  So we think you’ll want to keep your membership.

But even if you don’t – cancel anytime.

And this is our launch price. It’s going to cost more as soon as the other modules are added.

Just think, in 30 minutes from now, you could
have a powerful year end appeal written.

So, here's what you should do right now if you want to have your year end appeal done and off your plate.  Sign up for the "Work Less Raise More Monthly" membership.

Choose to pay monthly, or get two months free when you sign up for the year.

Sign up today, and be done with your year end appeal in the next 30 minutes.


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