Mastermind – Work Less – Raise More

Work Less Raise More Mastermind

It's easier than you think.

Transforming your fundraising isn’t about doing a million different things, it’s about finding the right thing and leveraging that.  And then finding the next best thing and adding that to your revenue stream.

Come to Seattle and work personally with Chris Davenport and Steven Screen. Through a time tested process, they will help you find that one thing that’s going to help you transform your fundraising.  

At each mastermind meeting, you will leave with a clear plan on what you can do to increase your revenue with less work and more confidence. 

Each mastermind group is limited to 6 organizations so that you will have plenty of one-on-one time with the instructors.  

 Here's why people love the mastermind.

Watch the videos below:

"The mastermind has been life changing for us...we've doubled our fundraising..."

"Being part of the mastermind has taken my
fundraising to a whole different level..."

"The mastermind is incredibly valuable...
you walk away with good next steps..."

"Before we came here our year end appeal raised $50,000...After we came here we raised over $150,00..."

 Here's what you'll get when you join the mastermind.

You'll get three in-person mastermind meetings per year.

The meetings are 2 days long.  You'll get individual attention in a small group environment.  It's the most personalized and friendly help you can get.  We guarantee it.

During each meeting:

  1. You'll get crystal clear on what you want and need to be successful
  2. We'll build you a plan to get you to where you need to be
  3. Together, we’ll review your revenue streams to see what you can do to increase your revenue with less effort over the long term
  4. You'’ll also learn how to add new revenue streams to further increase your revenue

You'll also get:

Three “Bonus” Implementation Workshops.

You'll get to choose 3 workshops from our lineup of workshops.  These workshops range in topics, and are unlike any other workshop you've ever gone to.

Pick 3 workshops from the following list.

  1. Your Offer - Most organizations fail to raise as much money as they could because of their offer.  Having a great offer (a compelling reason for the donor to give now) is a game changer for organizations.  You'll leave this 2 day workshop with at least one great offer that is guaranteed to increase your revenue immediately. 
  2. Appeal Letters - You'll learn you how to write copy that motivates people to give, and helps retain donors longer. You'll walk out of the two day workshop with an appeal that's guaranteed to raise you more money.
  3. Newsletters - You will learn how to craft a donor centric, money raising newsletter.  You will leave this two day workshop with a plan and template for creating newsletters that will raise more money than your current newsletter.
  4. Year End Appeals - You'll leave this workshop with a written plan, and also an appeal letter that will raise you more money at the end of this year.  You'll also walk away with an email version of the appeal letter.  This is an intense three day workshop that will have you raising more money year after year.
  5. Major Giving - You'll spend 2 days creating a major giving plan.  You'll also learn how to identify and attract more major donors.  You'll leave with a plan and the exact next steps to take when you return to your office.
  6. Annual Fundraising Calendar - During this 3 day workshop, you'll learn how to put a money raising annual plan together.  You'll leave with a custom plan specific to your organization.  With this plan you'll be able to raise a lot more money this year, as well as next year.
  7. Storytelling - At this two day workshop, you'll learn how to tap into the power of storytelling.  You'll learn how to use storytelling to engage your donors on a deeper emotional level.  You'll walk away a much better sytoryteller.  This is an excellent workshop to bring a board member to or somebody else on staff.

"The workshop we did was great. It really focused on one singular thing..."

"We went from $3,000 to $75,000..."

"Huge return on our really helping transform our communication with our donors..."

"It's an experience like none other..."

 You'll also get 12 months of
personal email and phone support.

Who do you call when you get stuck?

Is there somebody you can call when you're faced with a small or large problem?

You can call us anytime.

In addition to the live meetings and workshops, you will have personal access to Chris and Steven by phone, email, and text.  They will be “by your side” throughout the 12 months.

 Each Mastermind is limited to only six organizations.

You'll witness magic happening in the small group.

As part of the mastermind, you'll be with 5 other organizations.  You'll bond and discover how valuable it is to have a close group of people walk the fundraising journey with you.

We've designed the masterminds to have the perfect balance between group learning and individual learning.  Once you come to the mastermind, you'll become part of a family that looks out for each other.

"You learn together and help each other..."

"I find the small group setting invaluable...I'm overwhelmed by the hospitality..."

 Your next step.

If you're interested in joining the mastermind, please fill out the no obligation application.

Not everyone can join the mastermind.

We look for the right individuals, who are serious about improving their skills.  These same people must also be open to new and powerful ideas...ideas that have the ability to transform their jobs and their organizations.

In order to choose the right people, we ask everyone to fill out a quick and simple application.

If you're interested in joining the mastermind, then please click the button below and fill out the application.


How do I get accepted into the mastermind?

You’ll need to fill out this application.  Chris and Steven will personally review your application to ensure this mastermind will be a good fit for you, and to make sure that they can help you achieve your fundraising goals.

What is the difference between the mastermind meetings and the implementation workshops?

The mastermind meetings are strategy focused.  Chris and Steven will work with you to diagnose where the largest leverage point is in your fundraising process.  Then they will prescribe what you should do to strengthen and improve your revenue streams.

The implementation workshops go deep into the tactics of fundraising. These are “How To” workshops that will sharpen your skills in the different workshop areas. In many cases, outside experts will be joining Chris and Steven.

Can I bring a staff member?

Yes. You can bring one staff member with you to the mastermind meetings.  You can also bring somebody from your organization to the implementation workshops.  

Because the workshops are topic specific, you can send the most appropriate person from your organization to attend.  For instance, if the workshop is around major donors, you could send your major donor person.  And if the workshop is around direct response, you could send your direct response person.

If you think the "Work Less Raise More Mastermind" would be a good fit for you, please fill out and submit the application below.