Free Review Fridays 53 – Work Less – Raise More

Your Appeals and Newsletters Reviewed

Recorded on Friday, Nov. 20th

Here is the recording of last week's webinar.

During the webinar, Steven Screen reviewed a few appeals.   Watch the video below and improve your appeal writing skills.

Steven also mentioned a way you can get your Year End Appeal written in 30 minutes or less.  To learn more about that, click here.

There was also a question about when to send out year-end appeals and e-appeals.  Here's the link to the video Steven referenced:

If you would like to watch future review sessions, and have a chance to have Steven review your appeal or newsletter, then click here.

Watch Steven review the fundraising appeals below.

Steven mentions a way you can get his help in writing your Year End Appeal ....  To learn more about that, click here.