Free Review Fridays 35 COVID-19 – Work Less – Raise More

Your Appeals and Newsletters Reviewed

Recorded on Friday, May 29th


Here is the recording of last week's webinar.

During the webinar, Steven Screen reviews some appeals that focus on raising money during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Many organizations have taken his advice and written emails based on what Steven talks about in this video.  Everyone we've heard from has raise a bunch of money within minutes of sending their email out. ​

So, watch this edition of Free Review Fridays.  Put Steven's advice into practice and I'm sure you could be raising money within the next hour.

If you would like to watch future review sessions, and have a chance to have Steven review your appeal or newsletter, then click here.

Watch Steven review the e-appeals below.


Check out the new video to help you report back to your donors.