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Annual Planning Tool

Takes the guesswork out of raising more money over the next 12 months

With this planning tool, you'll be able to pinpoint the best times to send out your appeals and newsletters -- and it'll estimate how much you will raise over the next 12 months.

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"Raise More" 12 Month Fundraising Plan


This fundraising plan will raise you more money.

The organizations that raise the most money have a fundraising plan that tells them the ideal times to send out appeals and newsletters to donors.  They know the exact dates to do it.  And with this new tool, you'll know the exact dates to send out appeals and newsletters to YOUR donors.

With the included "Plan Builder Tool," you'll actually have fun making this plan.  And because this plan is built on the science of fundraising -- not on "gut feelings" -- the plan has proven to raise more money over other fundraising plans. 

And it will raise you more money too.

Making your plan is as easy as watching some simple instructional videos and typing numbers into the plan building tool.

Your fundraising plan on one page

Thanks to the "Plan Builder Tool", you'll be able to print out your completed plan on a single piece of paper.

This makes sharing your plan with your team extremely easy. And easy to post on a wall or bulletin board by your desk.

And if you need to make any adjustments to your plan, it's as simple as opening up the tool and quickly making the change.  Then printing it out again on a single sheet of paper.

Helps you raise more money

Did you know there are industry best practices for putting a fundraising plan together?

With the videos that come with the planning tool, you're going to learn these best practices. Once you know these, you'll be able to schedule your fundraising appeals and donor reports and newsletters so they raise you more money.

Just knowing the best times to send out your fundraising letters and emails can make a huge difference in how much more money you raise. And this plan helps you pinpoint the exact day that's best for sending out your appeals and newsletters.

Estimates how much you'll raise over the next 12 months

The revenue estimator is an incredibly valuable part of the Plan Builder Tool. It estimates your typical revenue by month and also estimates your new monthly revenue.

At a glance, you'll be able to see where you may have holes in your fundraising.  And where you can make changes so that you can raise more money.

Automatically creates a production schedule for you

As your plan gets built, the plan building tool automatically builds a production schedule for you.

Share this production schedule with your team so they know what needs to happen and when. This will help you hit all your deadlines, and get your fundraising materials sent on time.

The tool also takes into consideration non-work days.  These are your vacation days, holidays and any other days you're not available.

Video instruction that helps you create the best plan possible for your fundraising needs

These videos make creating a plan easy.

The videos walk you through everything you need to do from start to finish. 

A great fundraising plan ensures your fundraising fits together. These videos walk you through a series of questions you need to ask and shows you how to schedule your appeals and newsletters to maximize donations.

Because the videos walk you through the plan building tool step-by-step, by the time you're done watching the videos, you'll be done with your plan.

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