Year End Fundraising Intensive – Work Less – Raise More

Year End Fundraising Intensive

Watch the video below to learn more about the Year End Fundraising Intensive.

Watch the video above, and then fill out the
no-obligation application at the bottom of the page.

Raise buckets more money at the end of this year... 

...GUARANTEED! (read below)

Join Steven Screen and Chris Davenport "at" the famous farmhouse for three days.  You will be amazed with what you walk away with.  

Because of the pandemic, we will be having this year end intentensive virually...this will save you $1000 plus your travel costs.

Last year's participants made huge leaps in their year end fundraising after choosing to attend the "Year End Fundraising Intensive".

Look at how much more money they each raised after attending the "Year End Fundraising Intensive":

  • Organization #1 - from $57,109 to $170,023
  • Organization #2 - from $2,800 to $72,167
  • Organization #3 - from $155,055 to $182,361 (with a person who had never raised money before).
  • Organization #4 - from $0 to $45,910
Scientific - Imaginative - Proven

How can we achieve such super results?

Our strategies and techniques for raising more money are not based on somebody's "feelings" or somebody's "gut".  When you come to the Year End Fundraising Intensive, you'll get a plan based on science with a healthy dose of imagination for thinking outside the box.  And as you can see from last year's results (shown above), our method of helping you raise more money is proven to work - even in down years.

Wouldn't you like a predictable process for raising more money?

Join us at the farmhouse to get your own personalized fundraising process.

You will spend 3 days with us online, plotting and planning your year-end campaign.  We'll also be helping your write the copy for your letters and emails.  

By the time you leave, Steven and Chris will have created a customized year-end fundraising plan for you, along with many of the written assets you'll need.  You will know the dates and times to communicate with your donors, and also what to say to them.  This plan will be simple to follow and implement.

You will also get direct access to Steven and Chris through a special email address.  You'll also be able to hop on the phone with them.  Think of Steven and Chris as being part of your team all the way through January 31, 2021.  They'll be available to answer any questions that may pop up as you implement your plan.

Only 6 organizations will be accepted.

Organizations will be accepted on a first come - first served basis.  So if you'd like to experience results like the participants did last year,  then fill out the no-obligation application right now.

Where & When:

Where:  The 3 Day Year End Fundraising Intensive takes place online this year.  You can participate from your office or home.

When:  September 23, 24, & 25, 2020

The price.

The price of the Year End Fundraising Intensive is $7,500 (Normally $8500 but because it's vitual this year, you save $1000)

Here's what that price includes.

  1. 3 Days with Chris and Steven, in a small group environment online, working on YOUR year end plan and your year end appeal letter and emails.
  2. A custom year-end fundraising plan.
  3. Direct access to us (now through January 31, 2021)

Better than "Your Money Back" Guarantee

You're guaranteed to raise more money at the end of this year.

Last year we offered a "Money Back Guarantee" to folks who didn't bring in at least $8500 more than they did the year before.  - Nobody qualified or asked for a refund 🙂

If you don't bring in at least $8,500 more money than you did last year, we will return the cost of the Year End Fundraising Intensive ($7,500).

To quality for this Money Back Guarantee, you must first be selected to participate in the Year End Fundraising Intensive (fill out the application below). Secondly, you'll need to follow the personalized plan we create with you.  And lastly, you must have at least 500 active donors (individual donors who have given you a gift in the last 12 months).

Here's what to do next.

We need to make sure this is a good fit for you.  In order for us to get a sense of whether we can help you make big gains in your fundraising this year, we ask that you fill out the application below.

Once we read through your application, either Steven or Chris will give you a call to make sure that being part of this group will be a good investment for you.

We are only accepting 6 organizations into this special group (up to 2 people per organization).  So if you're serious about wanting to have our help raising more money at year end, please fill out the application now.

If you think this Year End Fundraising Intensive is a good fit for you, please fill out the no-obligation application below.