Special Q&A Replay – July 28 – Work Less – Raise More

Replay of the July 28 Special Q&A with Steven Screen

Watch the on-demand replay of Friday Q&A with Steven Screen below.

This was a jam-packed Q&A.  Here's what Steven covered:

  1. 10-minute training on how to identify the donors on your list most likely to give next
  2. A review of a fundraising appeal
  3. Discussion of email donor surveys
  4. A review of a gft catalogue
  5. A review of a donor newsletter
  6. An overview of the Work Less Raise More website
  7. A review of a fundraising appeal (generated by Google's AI tool -- Google Bard)
  8. A review of a fundraising appeal

Each section of the Q&A is noted with a chapter marking in the menu bar of the video.   

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