Raise More Annual Plan Fundraising Intensive – Work Less – Raise More

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Raise More Annual Plan Intensive

Watch the video below to learn more about the Raise More Annual Plan Intensive.

Watch the video above, and then fill out the
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Raise more money in 2023 ... 

...GUARANTEED! (read below)

Here's how to raise more money every single month this year.

Join Steven Screen and Chris Davenport at the famous farmhouse for three days.  You'll get their help crafting all of your main fundraising messages to your donors. And you'll create a dynamic fundraising plan. You'll also create all of the fundraising materials you need for the first six months of the year (and maybe even more than that!).

Here's what you'll leave the farmhouse with:

  • A "Raise More" 12 Month Fundraising Plan for 2023
  • All the main fundraising topics you'll share with donors throughout the year
  • Two fundraising appeal letters (and the emails to go along with them)
  • Two donor reporting letters
  • A donor survey template that will help raise money and get you legacy gift leads
  • A "My First Gift" email to help you acquire new donors
  • A Shortfall appeal letter (if you think you'll need one this year)

That's a WHOLE lot of fundraising goodness!

Magic happens around the table at the fundraising farmhouse.

Just like one person told us, "What usually takes me a month to do, I did in three days at the farmhouse!"

You can have all of your main fundraising messages and the first six months of your fundraising communications done in three day at the farmhouse.

So, if you want to start 2023 off on the right footing, you need to have powerful fundraising materials written now.  And you'll need to have a solid plan so you can execute all of your fundraising ... so you raise the most money every single month of this year.

Here's what some of your colleagues had to say about
attending a Farmhouse Intensive

Bret Taylor
Interaction International

Meghan Walsh
Roots Ethiopia Inc

Joshua Slocum
Funeral Consumers Alliance

Amanda Kerner
Blue Deer Center

Jeff Jackson
Pioneer Bible Translators

Sheryl O'Bryan
Interaction International

Proven Results

Tested and proven to raise more money.

The fundraising strategies, and techniques you're going to learn are battle tested and proven to raise more money.  They are not based on somebody's "feelings" or what somebody "hopes" will work.  You can be confident that the techniques and strategies you learn will help you raise more money than you're raising now. 

As you can see from the previous results, our unique method of helping raise more money works.  And these same techniques and strategies will work for you.

When you leave the farmhouse after the Raise More Annual Plan Intensive, you'll have planned all of your 2023 fundraising and written at least six pieces of fundraising to send to your donors. 

Join us at the farmhouse.

You will spend 3 days with us planning your 2023 fundraising, writing two appeal letters, two donor reporting letters, two e-appeals, a donor survey, a 'My First Gift' email, and a shortfall appeal (if you need one). 

You will have everything you need to start 2023 off strong.

You will also have weekly access to Steven and Chris all the way through Aug. 9, 2023.  They'll be available to answer any questions that may pop up as you implement your fundraising.

Because of the highly personalized attention, only 5 organizations will be accepted. 

Organizations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  So if you'd like to experience results like the participants in past years,  then fill out the no-obligation application right now.

Where & When:

Where:  The 3 Day Raise More Annual Plan Intensive takes place at the farmhouse in Poulsbo, WA  (near Seattle).

When:  February 7-9, 2023 

The price.

The price of the Raise More Annual Plan Intensive is $8,500

Better than "Your Money Back" Guarantee

We are so confident that you will raise more money next year that your investment to attend the intensive is guaranteed.

If you don't bring in at least $8,500 more money than you did last year, we will return the cost of the Raise More Annual Plan Intensive.

Plus, we’ll also reimburse an additional $1,500 to cover your travel costs for coming out to Seattle. 

To quality for this Money Back Guarantee, you must first be selected to participate in the Raise More Annual Plan Intensive (fill out the application below). Secondly, you'll need to follow the personalized plan we create with you and send the materials we create with you.  Lastly, you must have at least 750 active donors (individual donors who have given you a gift in the last 12 months).

Organizations from previous years have raised significantly more than they’ve raised in the past.   That’s why we’re so confident that you’ll raise a lot more money this year if you come to the intensive. 

Here's what to do next.

We need to make sure this is a good fit for you.  

In order for us to get a sense of whether we can help you make big gains in your fundraising next year, we ask that you fill out the application below.

Once we read through your application one of us will call you.  It will either be Steven, Chris, Josh, or Gretchen. We'll call you to make sure that being part of this group will be a good investment for you.

We are only accepting 5 organizations into this special group (up to 2 people per organization).  So if you're serious about wanting to have our help raising more money at year end, please fill out the application now.

If you think this Raise More Annual Plan Intensive is a good fit for you, please fill out the no-obligation application below.