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(includes template + chart)

Monthly donors are so important.  Especially in January and February, when most nonprofits aren't raising a lot of money.

In this short video training, Steven Screen walks you through an email you should customize and send to your monthly donors.  This email is proven to make your monthly donors feel great about supporting your organization.

The email even includes a chart so they can actually SEE the impact of their monthly gift!

Because when your monthly donors feel special and know that their gift is appreciated, they're a lot more likely to keep giving.

Click the blue button below to download template email and the spreadsheet that will help you create the chart.   Then watch the video and work alongside Steven as he shows you how to customize the email for your organization.

By the way, the video is a clip from one of the Friday Q&A webinars Steven does for members of the Work Less Raise More program.  If you're interested in becoming a member, click here.

Need help creating your next appeal or Donor Reporting Letter? Read on...
The Work Less Raise More
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Whether you need to raise more money this month, or over the next 12 months, the Library of First Drafts makes it easier for you.

The Library of First Drafts was created to help you build a fundraising process that helps you raise more money every single month.

Here are the first drafts you'll get:

  • "Raise More" 12 Month Fundraising Plan
    (also includes: Plan Builder Tool)
  • "Golden Appeal" Fundraising Appeal
  • Donor Reporting Letter
  • 3 Major Donor Fundraising Plans
    (also includes: The Major Donor Fundraising Tool)
  • Year End Fundraising Campaign 
  • Perfect Thank You Letter 

These first drafts have helped fundraisers just like you raise millions of dollars.  And because each first draft includes video training, you'll have everything you need to raise more money this year.  

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