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When you send your major donors a personalized and customized appeal letter, they feel special.  And they’re more likely to send you a gift. 

And to help you raise the most money from your majors this year, Steven Screen wrote the first draft of a Major Donor Cover Letter for you to send along with the appeal you've already written.  He also created a full page reply device (which has been proven in testing to increase how much donors give).

Click the blue button below to download the cover letter and full page reply device.  Open it up in Word and put it in a window right next to this one.  Then watch the video and work alongside Steven as he shows you a proven way to make your major donors feel special -- and give generously to your year-end campaign!

By the way, the video is a clip from one of the Friday Q&A webinars Steven does for members of the Work Less Raise More program.  If you're interested in becoming a member, click here.

Need help creating your year-end fundraising letter?  Read on...
Complete Year End Fundraising Package
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Want to raise buckets of money before the end of this year? 

Steven Screen has created a simple online training designed to get you all the fundraising materials you'll need to raise more money before the end of this year.  

During this training, Steven will help you write a year-end appeal letter in less than 30 minutes.  And a full year-end campaign in less than a day!

One reason you'll be able to create your year-end campaign so quickly is because of the "First Draft" documents you'll get with the training.  These first drafts have proven to raise more money and will help you get going fast!

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