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How to create your year-end fundraising campaign in a day and raise the most money at year-end

Complete Year End Fundraising Package

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Raise buckets more money at the end of this year... 

Steven Screen has created a simple online training designed to get you all the fundraising materials you'll need to raise more money before the end of this year.  

During this training, Steven will help you craft a year-end campaign.  And you’ll be able to make it in less than a day.

One reason you'll be able to create your year-end campaign so quickly is because of the "First Draft" documents you'll get with the training.  These first drafts have proven to raise more money and will help you get going fast!

You'll walk away from this training with ALL the main fundraising materials you'll need, including:

  • A custom year-end fundraising campaign (appeal letter, reply device, outer envelope, chaser email and end-of-December emails)
  • A custom 'Donor Reporting Letter' to prime your donors for bigger year-end gifts
  • A 'Perfect Thank You Letter' that will make your year-end donors feel GREAT about supporting you (and this kind of thank you letter is proven to raise money)
  • A custom 12-month fundraising plan so you know exactly what to send your donors, and how much you'll raise every month of 2023
  • Weekly Q&A sessions where you can ask Steven Screen any fundraising question you have, and get your appeals, donor reports, and yearly plan reviewed.

You will be amazed at all of the fundraising materials you'll walk away with.  

Steven has personally helped hundreds of organizations raise more money at the end of the year. And the fundraisers who've taken this training have had incredible success.  Here's what people have said: 

Linda said: "The year-end training has made my life so much easier.  This week my Executive Director said, That online training you are doing is worth its weight in gold!”
Susan said: "Your training on year-end donation letters was absolutely amazing! We TRIPLED the amount of donations we saw this year!"
Angie said: "I just finished the Annual Planning training.  INCREDIBLE. Holy cow!!"
Here's what's included in the Complete Year End Fundraising Package

Year End Fundraising Campaign


Raising more money at the end of this year just got so much easier for you.

With the Year End Fundraising Campaign, you can have all your fundraising materials written in about an hour. ... and they will raise you more money than your previous year end appeals.

Read below for more details.

The easiest, fastest and most effective year-end appeal you've ever written

There's a specific way to write a year end appeal that causes more donors to give.

With the help of the "First Draft" of the year-end appeal, and the step by step video training, you'll be able to write a powerful year-end appeal in about 30 minutes.

Donors give bigger donations with these reply cards 

In order to raise the most money at year end, you need a reply card designed to bring in bigger donations (and more of them).

In this training, you'll get a first draft of the "Give More" reply card.  This reply card has proven to get more donors to give and to increase the size of donations.  

You're going to learn what to say on your reply card and how to say it.  Well written reply cards are proven to get more donors to give, and to increase gift size.

With this reply card, you will raise more money.

Increase your envelope open rates 

During the holidays it's harder to get people to open your envelope.  If less people open your envelope, less people see your appeal, so less people give to you.

Increase your donations with an envelope that gets opened.

Use the Year End "First Draft" envelope, along with the video training, to have an envelope that gets more people to open it.

You'll raise more money at the end of this year.

Increase giving with these year end emails

You're going to learn how to take your year end appeal and easily turn it into a series of emails. 

These emails are the key to raising more money at the very end of the year.

When to send your appeals and emails

Timing is everything.

Because there is so much competition for donations at the end of the year, you need to make sure you are sending your appeals and emails at the best times.

Know exactly when to send out your appeals and emails.

The "First Draft" campaign for sending out your appeals and emails shows you the best times to send everything.

This will help you raise the most money.

Donor Reporting Letter


This Donor Reporting Letter will help you keep more of your donors, and it will also help you raise money immediately.  It will only take you about 60 minutes to have the Donor Reporting Letter, the "No Ask" Reply Card, and the Envelope Teaser completely written and ready to send.

Knowing what to tell donors is key

You need to connect with donors.  And you do that by talking to your donors about what they care about most.

In this training you'll learn what the main messages are going to be for your letter. And you'll be shown exactly what to say, and how to say it.

This letter will make your donors feel great about the work your organization is doing ... and cause your donors to give again.

Show your donors the impact their gifts made

Your letter will tell your donors how meaningful their gifts were to your beneficiaries (a person or thing you help).

The key ingredient is a special kind of story -- a Before & After story.  And you'll get step-by-step instructions for finding the best before and after story for your organization.

Picking and writing the best story is normally hard for people to do.  But have no fear. This training makes it super simple for you to pick and write your story (even if you don’t think you have a story to tell).

And by the way, this storytelling process can also be used to find and tell stories for your events and your appeal letters. 

"No Ask" Reply Cards raise money like magic

The big rule is to NEVER ASK your donors for another gift when you are reporting back to them on what their previous gift did.

And here's where the "No Ask" Reply Card becomes invaluable.

When donors read your donor reporting letter, they are going to feel wonderful about what their last gift did.  And because they feel wonderful about their last gift, some donors will want to make another gift. 

A properly written “No Ask” reply card has the amazing ability to turn your donor’s INTENT of giving another gift, into the ACTION of giving you another gift.

In this training, you'll be shown what to say on your reply card and how to say it.  You'll also get the "No Ask" Reply Card template so you don't have to design your reply card from scratch.

I'm confident it will help you raise more money.

Design to get more donors to read more of your letter

There's a science to designing your Donor Reporting Letter so that more people read more of your letter.

How your letter looks, what types of photos you use, what type of font you use, the size of your margins, and what words you emphasize matter a lot.  Even the color of your font can increase or decrease donations.

That's why you are going to learn the design principles of the professionals.  These principles will get more of your donors to read more of your letter ... and because more people read more of your letter, more people will give.

Getting your envelope opened 

If nobody opens your envelope, nobody will read your letter.  So this training will help you design an envelope that has the best chance of getting opened.

You'll learn what to write on the outside of your envelope so more people will open your envelope and want to make another donation.

Sending your letter to the right people

Once you have your Donor Reporting Letter written, you'll need to send it to the right people.

You'll learn exactly who to send your letter to so that you don't waste money on postage, and so that you have the best shot at raising more money.

The Perfect Thank You Letter


The perfect thank you letter is NOT your typical "thank you" letter.

It's the best way to thank your donors AND raise more money at the same time. 

The "Perfect Thank You Letter" is a way to make your donors feel good, and raise more money without directly asking them for another gift.

It works like a charm

Read below for more details.

A donor loving thank you letter ... and more 

Here's a secret.

When you thank your donor well, and let her know her gift was received, she's more likely to give again.

This thank you letter does three things:

  1. Thanks the donor well
  2. Gives the donor a receipt for their donation
  3. Makes it easy to for the donor to give again if they want to (and many donors want to)

Most thank you letters only thank the donor. But if you want to  make your donors feel good AND raise more money, this letter will do that for you.

And if you've been told that you should never ask for another gift in a thank you letter, don't worry.  You will not be asking for another gift in this letter (but never-the-less, because of this letter, some donors WILL decide to send you another donation).

Raises 5% more money each year

This may sound crazy.

Organizations that use the "Perfect Thank You Letter" typically raise an additional 5% each year.

And they raise 5% more because of how this thank you letter is structured.

Use the "First Draft" of the "Perfect Thank You Letter" and you could be raising more money with the next thank you letter you send out.

"Raise More" 12 Month Fundraising Plan


This fundraising plan will raise you more money.

With the included "Plan Builder Tool," you'll actually have fun making this plan.  And because this plan is built on the science of fundraising -- not on "gut feelings" -- this plan is proven to raise more money over other fundraising plans.  

Making your plan is as easy as watching some simple instructional videos and typing  numbers into the plan building tool.

Your fundraising plan on one page

Thanks to the "Plan Builder Tool", you'll be able to print out your completed plan on a single piece of paper.

This makes sharing your plan with your team extremely easy. And easy to post on a wall or bulletin board by your desk.

And if you need to make any adjustments to your plan, it's as simple as opening up the tool and quickly making the change.  Then printing it out again on a single sheet of paper.

Helps you raise more money

Did you know there are industry best practices for putting a fundraising plan together?

With the videos that come with the planning tool, you're going to learn these best practices. Once you know these, you'll be able to schedule your fundraising appeals and donor reports and newsletters so they raise you more money.

Just knowing the best times to send out your fundraising letters and emails can make a huge difference in how much more money you raise. And this plan helps you pinpoint the exact day that's best for sending out your appeals and newsletters.

Estimates how much you'll raise over the next 12 months

The revenue estimator is an incredibly valuable part of the Plan Builder Tool. It estimates your typical revenue by month and also estimates your new monthly revenue.

At a glance, you'll be able to see where you may have holes in your fundraising.  And where you can make changes so that you can raise more money.

Automatically creates a production schedule for you

As your plan gets built, the plan building tool automatically builds a production schedule for you.

Share this production schedule with your team so they know what needs to happen and when. This will help you hit all your deadlines, and get your fundraising materials sent on time.

The tool also takes into consideration non-work days.  These are your vacation days, holidays and any other days you're not available.

Video instruction that helps you create the best plan possible for your fundraising needs

These videos make creating a plan easy.

The videos walk you through everything you need to do from start to finish. 

A great fundraising plan ensures your fundraising fits together. These videos walk you through a series of questions you need to ask and shows you how to schedule your appeals and newsletters to maximize donations.

Because the videos walk you through the plan building tool step-by-step, by the time you're done watching the videos, you'll be done with your plan.


  • A custom year-end fundraising campaign (appeal letter, outer envelope, reply device, chaser emails AND emails to send) 
  • A custom 'Donor Reporting Letter' to prime your donors for bigger year-end gifts
  • A custom 12-month fundraising plan so you know exactly what to send your donors, and how much you'll raise every month of 2023
  • A 'Perfect Thank You Letter' that's proven to raise money!
  • Weekly Q&A sessions with Steven Screen (so you can have your fundraising reviewed and ask Steven any question you have about your year-end campaign)


The price for the Complete Year End Fundraising Package is only $499
(Save $997 - Regularly priced at $1,596)

So for only $499, you get the complete Year-End Fundraising Campaign, The Donor Reporting Letter, the Perfect Thank You Letter, the Annual Plan for 2023, AND Q&A sessions with Steven every Friday thru the end of January.

This limited-time offer ends November 30th.  Get INSTANT and LIFETIME access to these powerful trainings for just $499. Take the training at your own pace, from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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The Complete Year End Fundraising Package is
unlike any other year-end training 

Your donors are already thinking about their year-end giving.

It’s time for you to get started.  If you’re ready to get your year-end campaign done quickly, a fundraising plan for next year, AND get your fundraising reviewed by Steven Screen, get the Complete Year End Fundraising Package for just $499.

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you don’t feel like you have the most powerful year-end fundraising materials you’ve ever written at the end of this training, you can get a full refund.  

Steven has been creating highly successful year-end campaigns for 29 years, so he knows the fundraising materials he'll help you write are going to raise you a lot more money. But if you don’t feel like they will, just let our friendly support team know and they'll give you a swift refund.