2024 Growth Intensive Pre-work – Work Less – Raise More

Growth Plan Farmhouse Intensive 
Pre-Work Page

Welcome!  You are in the right place.
Here are a few things for you to do before coming to the Farmhouse.  By completing this pre-work, you'll get the most out of the 2024 Grown Plan Farmhouse Intensive.  
At the bottom of the page there is a form where you can submit your pre-work.  Please submit your pre-work by Sunday, March 17.

Step 1 --> Fundraising Plan

To help you create your 2024 Fundraising calendar and plan, we need your current plan for the year in a format that’s easy to work with and easy for everyone around the table to understand.  

Before you arrive, please make a good-faith effort to fill out the calendar linked to below with your current plan.  Click the blue button below to download both a blank calendar (in Excel) and a “sample” calendar so you can see how to fill it out.  

Here are a couple of additional instructions:

  • Do the best you can to get your main fundraising activities on the calendar - perfection is not necessary.
  • If a mailing or email has an offer or theme, please include that in the same (see sample calendar for examples).
  • If you have any main fundraising activities that aren’t mail/email/web/event, put them in the “Other items” section at the bottom.
  • Feel free to add anything else you think we should know.

Once you've completed the calendar, submit it using the form below.

Step 2 --> Major Donors

On Day #2 we will be looking at your donor data, determining how many major donors your organization should be managing, assigning those major donors into portfolios, and making communication plans for each donor.  

To make this possible, you'll need to bring your donor data in a spreadsheet (Excel or otherwise).

What data do you need to bring?  Glad you asked ...

Check out the video below.  In it Jim Shapiro (who'll be your guide on Day #2), will show you what data you need to export from your CRM or donor file and have with you at the Farmhouse. 

By the way.  The video is from a training Jim created called the Major Donor Management System. You'll have full access to the training once you get to the Farmhouse.  Oh, and Rock Orphanage is the name of the completely made-up nonprofit we use in all of the Work Less Raise More trainings.

Step 3 --> Submit your Pre-work

So that you can get the most out of your time at the Farmhouse, it's important you submit your pre-work by Sunday, March 17.  

Please also bring digital copies of documents with you to the Farmhouse, as we'll spend time updating them!

Fill out the form below and  submit your calendar and donor data.

Growth Plan Intensive Pre-Work Submissions

  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 50 MB.