12 Month Fundraising Plan Add On Package – Work Less – Raise More

Now that you have a 12 month plan...

Here's what you need so you can write all 
your appeals, newsletters and emails

Here's a special "Complete the Package" add on for your 12 month plan.

You'll get training on how to write appeals, newsletters, and emails.  You'll also get 5 videos that talk about the principles behind the best fundraising.  These 5 videos are meant to be shared with your boss and staff. 

Here are the trainings that are included in this special package.

  • How to Write Appeals (regularly $199)
  • How to Write Newsletters (regularly $199)
  • How to Write Email Chasers (regularly $79)
  • How to Write e-Stories (regularly $79)
  • How to Write Urgent Needs Emails (regularly $79)
  • 5 Fundraising Principles (regularly $49)

This set of trainings is the perfect complement to the "12 Month Fundraising Plan" training.

SAVE $289

Sold separately, these trainings cost $684.  But this special package of trainings is only $395. That's a savings of $289.

This is a small investment for showing you exactly how to write and design appeals, newsletters, and emails.

Buy them now and get LIFETIME ACCESS to all these trainings.

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